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Where did October go?

October may just be my favorite months of the year!!! It usually marks the beginning of Fall here in Texas! That means cooler weather, warm coffee with cinnamon, Halloween, lots of apple spice, and best of all.... Harry Potter overload!

October Pt.1

This year I was excited to be able to hit up Universal Orlando with my Bestie and the kiddos! My God-Daughter turned 13 this past August and is as much of a Harry Potter junkie as I am! Great minds..... hehehehe! This was her first time at The WIZARDING WORLD, and I am so tickled I was able to be there with her and create such fun memories! I don't get to see the kiddos often, and so very much LOVE my time with them!!! To be able to share my love of HP with them is so very special for me!

October Pt. 2

4 hours before my flight home from Orlando, I received that dreaded call from the school nurse... you know the one that requires an emergency room trip, and you just happen to be out of town....

Luke O Monkey-Bars 1

Lots of x-rays, thoughts of surgery, fighting pain meds, compound break of forearm bones... um OUCH! This little guy is quite the trooper. We will continue weekly dr appts as the bones keep shifting.... The Dr.'s are loving the boxes of cookies lately... we have become quite the little family over at Scottish Rite!

October Pt 3

3 Days later I was prepping for my Halloween Pop Up shop! No backing down when holidays are here and cookies are in demand! I had so much fun making the individual Halloween cookies and might have been a bit obsessed with cute Ghosts this year!!!

Thank you to all who were able to stop by! It was a beautiful fall morning filled with coffee, smiles, and wonderful conversations! I love meeting new people and sharing a bit of what I love doing!!

October Pt 4

The month ended with an event I have been praying for for many years! My oldest son and daughter in love have moved home!!!!!!! My grandson Atlas is due in January and I couldn't be happier that we won't miss a moment of it!!! There's nothing quite like having your kids back home... or at least super close to home! (only 1.8 miles away...eeeeeeee!!!!!)

This closes out my October and now moving full steam ahead through the

beginning of November!

Turkey and Elf Orders are now open!!

Turkey Pick Up Date is November 17th

Elf Pick Up November 30th and December 17th (include personalization)

Watch for Thanksgiving Cookie gift boxes and dozen mix options!

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