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Back to School Madness!!!!

Was it just me, or was this past week just like the "Twilight Zone"?

If I am perfectly honest, I waited until the last minute to buy school supplies, order the little one new shoes, check on the integrity of backpacks and lunch boxes.... oh and grocery shop for those things that "have to be" in the kids lunches! It just seemed to sneak up on me so fast!!!

This time of year I get so excited about sharpened pencils, big pink erasers, new binders, and PLANNERS PLANNERS PLANNERS! I have to write down my schedule and all my ideas somewhere... even if I rarely follow my time tables. Maybe I just really like writing lists!!!??? Now executing lists... well that's another topic all together!!!

One of those fun lists is: "Back to School" cookie set ideas, mini collections, PYO's, and "First Day" cookies! I have some fun ideas... I am a "big picture" person. Someone else can figure out the smaller steps needed to get to the "big" part. This is where my husband comes in!!! He is amazing!!!! My biggest cheerleader and my "reality check" person! Can you imagine if I never had someone make me check in with reality...??? hahahaha!! You all think I am crazy now?

It might look something a bit like this..... (no, we don't ever want to go back to this....hahahahah)!!!! Please note the patient stance of the man in the background....

yep... my hero!!

(maybe not on the specific day when this picture was taken,

but most all other days)

So... while I had all these grand ideas (lets face it, I would need a huge team of people to pull them off and more like 45 hours in a day), Vinson helped reign me in. I guess this is what "project managers" do???? Who knows, not my world at all! Anyway.... he helped narrow down what I could do with what time I had, especially with my mom in town visiting! Who wants to work 60 hours a week when moms visiting!??? Um....NOT ME..... so...........

Mini sleeves it is!!!!!

I did a special standard set for Luke's teachers and the rest were minis!!! I have to admit... mini cookies are so stinkin fun to make!!!! I might have found a new obsession! I sure hope my customers like them as much as I do!!! (I may have just bought a ridiculous amount of mini cutters for fall and halloween.... just sayin'!)

There were several more sleeves ready to photograph, but as you all know, this house homes the infamous "cookie snatcher"... I really need to be faster at photographing then Luke is as snatching. Apparently I missed my appointment to "ninja school", unless this skill comes naturally.... if that's the case, then I am royally screwed.

Just wait until Halloween comes around!!! Mini sleeves galore!!!! And yes, I will try and remember to make extra for LUKE only... maybe then he won't take mine? We will see.....

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