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Miami Bound!

The last few weeks have been crazy fun... exhausting but FUN!!

I have had some fun orders that were possible to fill due to a new adventure I am embarking on with my cookie partners in crime! Icing Images is now carrying a direct print to food edible printer! Her name, at least ours, is "Bluesy the House Elf"! I am joining my friends in coaching and supporting customers who have purchased this amazing machine!

We demo'd what our "Little Bluesy" could do a couple weeks ago at the

"That Takes the Cake" show in Austin and will be demo'ing again at the

"Soflow Cake and Candy Show" in Miami the end of this month!

Here are just a couple orders I've made with our new printer! This was perfect timing for the Taylor Swift concert here in Dallas a couple weeks ago!

There is no way I would ever be able to create something like this by hand, as I am not a painter or artist with edible markers. This process has opened up a whole new option for my customers. The best part is, not only do I get amazing images, I still get to embellish them like I would my other cookies!

I will update specifics about the show as it gets closer.

I can't wait to share more with you after I get back!

In all sweetness!


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