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Fun in the kitchen

Have I mentioned how happy I am to be back in the kitchen doing what I love?

Just checking!!!

Valentine's Day was the perfect time to jump back in and get my feet wet! I had so much fun baking heart cookie gift boxes for all of you!!

I am excited to finish up my ideas for

St. Patrick's Day! Stay tuned!

I have also been busy making super fun birthday sets!

In addition to all the fun baking, I have been on a new learning expedition! I have started printing my own cookie cutters and learning how to use the Big Blue printer from Icing Images! Holy super "fun-ness" Batman!!! I am part of an amazing trio of creative cookiers and cake artists, & we are working on something big!!!! I can't wait to share more!

In the meantime, my cookie order calendar is still open and available

through April 30th, 2023.

I am excited to be working on new cookie sets for some fun events coming up!

Be thinking about Easter cookies & Mother's Day cookies.

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