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Busy Season ~ Fully Booked through June 1st

As soon as April rolled around busy season was in full bloom!

Easter, graduations and wedding season were suddenly upon us!

Before I knew it I was booked clear through June 1st!

I am so blown away by this!!!!!!

My business has grown so much in the last 18 months!... Not because of advertising, sales pitches, or number of IG likes, but BECAUSE OF YOU!!!

My amazing customers!!

My business is nothing without you all!

10 years ago I knew I wanted to be a Stay At Home Mom. I wanted to be home for my kids after school, before school, be able to attend all the events at school, be a room mom.... all the things I personally wasn't able to do as a working mom in the education system. While I loved teaching special education, I really missed my own kiddos! And so, my husband and I prayed a lot, and agreed we would do whatever it took to make my desires possible.

Now, 10 years later here I am, loving what I do, loving my creative outlet, loving baking special cookies for your special events... loving this little business of mine!

I am in awe of what this decision 10 years ago has led to!!!

Thank you for your continued support of my small business and for the opportunity to continue to grow and do what I love!!!

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