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Get to know a CRAZY cookier! ME!!!!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

A quick “get to know you” about a crazy cookier…. Me!

Hey!! I am finally doing it! I have dreamed and planned and expressed a desire to start a blog for my business for a couple years now. For those of you who know me… procrastination is more than my middle name! It’s a curse…lol

My love for sugar cookies I credit to my “cookie grandma” as well as my enduring procrastination traits!

A little tidbit about myself! Hmmmm…. I LOVE decorating cookies! Ok that’s a given…

I am a wife, a mother (now to 6 kids, including spouses of my kids… you can all close your dropped jaws now… lol), and grandmother…”Gigi” to an adorable handful of pure “boy”!

If I am not in my cookie suite playing with cutters, colors, and designs, you can find me reading with my youngest (currently anything Veggie Tales or Dr Suess), playing Dragonball Z with 17-year-old (these 2 are the only ones still at home with me!!!), or relaxing in the evening watching “Big Bang” with my husband! Sometimes you just need a good laugh!

My house is referred to as the “zoo”! And my grandmother, YES…the one from whom my love of cookies comes from, likes to add, and I quote, “AND she has 3 dogs”!!! hahaha!

Not going to lie! Grandma may be onto something! A Crazy Cookier!!! What could go wrong?

My desire for this blog is to share with others the knowledge about everything cookie, that was shared with me when I first got started! I didn’t go to culinary school. I actually have degrees in special education, psychology, and business management.

Decorating cookies came about when my youngest son turned 1! I made a fun cake and decorated my first snowflake cookies and was hooked! Then someone asked me to make cookies for their kiddo and 6 years later I have a crazy fun small business and am surrounded by some of the most amazing people in the cookie and cake world!

I want very much to hear your feedback and any questions you guys might have!!!

Please please please ask questions!!!!

I want to know what you want to know!!!

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