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Halloween Fun!

Halloween cookies are my all time favorite cookies to make! There is something magical and mystical about pumpkin patches, cute little ghosts, fun haunted houses, bats flying at night, skeletons dancing... and The Great Pumpkin! I use to wait all year for that special night when "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" would air on public television. Let's be real for a moment... our kiddos have no idea how amazingly lucky they are to be able to watch this on demand.... any time of the year... every day if they want to!!!! Am I right?

The house is beginning to smell like fall spice cookies!!!! Which means the weather here in North Texas is cooling slightly, you can tell fall is around the corner.... now all you northerners.... don't laugh.... 70s and 80s are a gift here... hahahaha! The leaves are slowly beginning to change, the angle of the sun is shifting... I JUST LOVE FALL!!! I can't wait to hit up Callaways and pick out some amazing pumpkins for the front doorway and my cookie shelf, add a few scarecrows to the front flower beds, maybe a few bales of hay.... and some fun Halloween yard decor! I will keep you all posted on how that is going!!!

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is surprising my neighbors and random strangers with a "You've Been Boo'd" treat!!! I have seen all kinds of fun surprise packages on peoples doorsteps.... candy buckets filled with coloring books and crayons, popcorn, plastic spiders and googly eyes, and an array of chocolate and Halloween candy! So so so much fun!!!

Of course I wanted to get in on

the fun too!!!

So..... "Boo Cups" are here!!!!

A few fun and yummy mini Halloween cookies in a holiday cup... bagged and bowed with a spooky "boo" gift tag!

If you would like to order some "Boo Cups", there is a link to the order form on the home page. Available pick up dates are Oct 15 and 23rd. Please specify which date you would like!!

Happy Haunting friends!!!

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