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Holy Cow it's 2023 and I'm dying to decorate some cookies!!!!!

So last year was quite the wild ride for me and my family! The first half of the year was super crazy busy with cookies.... just the way I like it.... the second half was super crazy busy with breast cancer and hospitals.... and doctors and surgeries... and needles... yuck!

BUT..... While I will never be declared cancer free, I am NED, "no evidence of disease"!!!

AND..... my daughter got married and we received the gift of an amazing son in law!

What an amazing way to end the year!!

What does this mean for Wish Upon A Cookie in 2023? well, I have 2 more surgeries this year then I am hoping to be DONE with this adventure. However, as of now I have several months before we move forward.


I will be opening up my full schedule February 1st,

booking custom orders through April 30th.

I have so missed decorating and baking, creating and designing.

It fills my cup!

I am so excited to start putting together some Valentines options,

as well as start a few custom orders I have on the books!

It feels so good to be back in the swing of things!

Watch for upcoming post about valentines Day options and pre-sales order forms.

In all sweetness,


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