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Is there a special Harry Potter fanatics support group?

I ask this question as I am watching "The Prisoner of Azkaban" and just finished making another Hogwarts Castle cookie!

Truth moment ahead..... I may need a HP support group.

Last fall I ditched my husband on his birthday weekend to attend a Harry Potter "high tea" in San Diego with my daughter (yep guilt trips are still given for this one)! I listen the the audiobooks every night as I fall asleep! (who doesn't want to fall asleep to such magical stories?) I have several different editions of the HP books, including ones I found at the convenience store on the London Underground! My cookie office is being taken over by HP décor, kindly provided by another of my daughters! While I decorate cookies I always have the HP movies going! (Which one is your favorite?) I once told my mom I would send an owl .... seriously not realizing I said it... in my head it was "I'll email it right away"... mom heard "expect an owl." There are a bazillion more reasons why I probably need this support group... and if I am being REAL.... I am ok with that! (As long as they serve butterbeer, chocolate frogs, and pumpkin pasties as refreshments, and I can bring an owl with me!!!)

This past Sunday was Harry Potters birthday!!

(Yes this deserves a bold line of it's own)

How could one even possibly not think about making cookies for such a momentous occasion? I started early and was so excited when Miss Sharon at Stencil Expressions agreed to design some stencils to help further my obsession! I wanted so much to make a Hogwarts Castle cookie... and she did it again!!! Miss Sharon rose to the occasion and nailed this stencil perfectly!!!

You can see her collection of digital stencils at !!!!

Accio stencil!!! (Sorry but you still have to click on the link) Wizard Castle Stencil from Stencil Expressions

I have made this cookie two different ways. The first was airbrushing the castle image, and the second was scrapping with a "not so thick" gray icing. Each design has its own feel. The first was very clean cut with good lines... the second one has softer lines with crisp details... has more of an illustrated feel to it. Depends on my mood and what I am trying to achieve as to which one I like the most!!

~~Watch Julie Make a Wizard Castle Cookie~~

Later this week I am making a Harry Potter set for my new favorite kids birthday! (You know he is my favorite because he is having a Harry Potter birthday party right?) This will be the first time doing actual characters! I can't wait!

Check out the "Characters" folder in the gallery to see more Harry Potter cookies!!!

And for now...... Mischief Managed!!!

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