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New Flavors Debut at The Cotton Mill Wedding Venue

First off, WOW! Absolutely stunning! This venue is located in old downtown McKinney, Texas. This historic building has been preserved and serves as an event venue and is home to the new wedding boutique, Exquisite Bride! This location is full of character and charm with its "industrial meets chic" feel.

A dear friend of mine and owner of Stress- Free Events and the Exquisite Bride, also manages this venue. Have I mentioned how amazing she is? Well.... SHE IS! Last week I had the opportunity to attend a venue vendor event at The Cotton Mill!!! Eeeeeee...... I love these events! I was able to see friends in the industry that were part of my son and daughter in law's wedding team in 2020, as well as meet some new friends who work with Miss Lisa. Every type of vendor you could imagine was there: catering, dessert table crews, custom cookies, photography, DJ's, valet and limo, hair and make up, photo booth, florals, lighting, and of course Exquisite Bride with their designer gowns. Did I mention how amazing and fun this was????

As I was beginning to plan my part in the vendor event, I got to thinking... new venue opportunity... hmmmmm... how about some new cookie flavor options!! I have been sitting on this idea for some time now. Offering more then my traditional sugar and lemon flavors, as part of my every day order options, is a huge step! This event seemed the perfect place to launch my new flavor menu. I was so tickled at the feedback from the attendees!! I will say that I was shocked at the evenings best flavor, as chosen by the attendees! I love them all, but the one that was the big winner of the night wasn't the one I thought would be! Isn't is so much fun to hear others feedback and encouragement?


Here is the new flavor menu for Wish Upon A Cookie

Grandma's Traditional with Buttered Vanilla icing

Zesty Lemon and Poppyseed with Lemon icing

Key Lime with White Chocolate and Coconut icing

Strawberry Lemonade with Lemon icing

Dutch Dark Chocolate with Coconut icing

Cookies and Cream with Vanilla icing

Apple Cider with Caramel icing

Fall Spice with Cinnamon icing

*Gingerbread and Snickerdoodle available late fall and Christmas Season

Strawberry Lemonade was the nights big winner, followed by Grandma's Traditional!

Want to try all of them? Tasting boxes will be available for purchase next week! This is a fun way to taste all the new flavors and decide which one you want for your next custom order!

Watch for upcoming 4th of July goodies later this week!

I'm off to create & bake! Thanks so much for supporting my small business!

Much Love,


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