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Post surgery Update

Hi loves

I have been home for a week now and am doing well!! I’m Transitioning off heavy pain meds to regular Tylenol and Motrin…. This is slow going but all is well.

Amazing news to share!!

My lymph nodes are 100% clear and the surgeon said they got all the cancer …. With huge clear margins!

So technically… I AM CANCER FREE!!!!!

I will Meet with a medical Oncologist to discuss whether or not chemo is appropriate as a final line of defense against reoccurrence.

For now I will continue to rest and heal and binge watch TV, which is a new found thing for me….

I have been scoping out Halloween and fall design ideas!!! I can't wait to get back in the kitchen baking!!!

For all Of your prayers, visits, meals, gifts, phone calls, texts,,,,, friends you have made this journey so much smoother and easier then I ever imagined it could be!!!

Thank you all so very much and to God be the glory always!!!!!

It is well …..

Much love!!!!

Spending time with little Paul this morning and soaking up snuggles 🥰

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