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School Cookie Platters

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Cookie platters are so much fun to design and make!!

I love the dimension in the presentation and being able to use all kind of backgrounds and colors.... combining cookie set ideas into one platter!

You know what else is great about a cookie platter? It is made up of several different size cookies! A guest may want a super XL cookies (because they are just that yummy),

and those of you with self control can enjoy a smaller one....

I wish I could say that I fit in the latter category, but let's be real here... not so much!

Enjoy a quick video of the step by step process used to make this platter

This set was made using platter cutters and stencils designed by Sharon at Stencil Expressions, . Cutters are available at

Cookie platters come in all size and themes!!!

Let's make a cookie platter for your next event!!!!!

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