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Wedding Season is Upon Us

I am so very excited to be attending "The Cotton Mill" Venue vendor event, in McKinney, next week as the venue's recommended Cookie Vendor. I have worked with the manager of the venue and boutique owner for several years and am tickled to continue working with Miss Lisa to help create the couples perfect wedding day!

This is such a beautiful time of year... lots of requests for engagement, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower and wedding favors. This is also the most intense time of year for me as a "cookier". Color pallets need to be precise, florals need to be on point, and metallics are usually a given. EEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Metallics make the cookies pop!

The fun part about wedding orders, and especially engagement and bridal shower favors, is the spectrum of design requests and themes. Events, such as these, used to be pretty cookie cutter in design expectations, but... I have found recently that couples are moving beyond the usual and truly incorporating a bit of who they are into the sets. This adds a fun excitement for me when designing the sets for them!

This "Boho Disco" theme for a bridal shower was first for me, and so so much fun to create!

I am excited to see what this wedding season brings by way of couples personality presenting themselves through cookie designs! The day is all about them!

My job?

Make sure the cookie is a beautiful depiction of the happy new couple!

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