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A season of Thanksgiving!!!!

There are so many things to be thankful for, especially this holiday season. I love being able to share of bit of my story and life with you through cookies and this blog!

Breast cancer was never on my radar, even having walked through it with my dearest friend this time last year. I don't think we ever really think it can happen to us, at least I suppose that was my thought. Wow was I proven wrong! Life came to a screeching halt real quick! I knew from the moment I found the mass I had cancer, so when my diagnosis was confirmed I was not surprised. Surprisingly to others however, I wasn't scared. I have been through tough times before and I knew I wasn't alone in this battle either. I've always said Jesus and I are like "peas and carrots". I wasn't facing this by myself and God guided and directed every next step. Here I am 6 months later, "cancer free", or what they call NED (no evidence of disease), and preparing for a couple more surgeries this upcoming year, but doing beautifully.

Huge cries of THANKFULNESS!!

The road and journey isn't finished yet, but I choose joy and thankfulness each step! Please don't get me wrong, full disclosure... there are days I want to cry and the physical changes shake me at times, but despite all of that... I choose joy and to be thankful that I am here to celebrate this holiday season with my family!!!!

I am slowly easing back into the kitchen and starting to bake again! This is a huge part of my JOY!!!! I will be taking limited orders this holiday season, as physically I am not 100% yet, but by golly, I can bake some!!! And bake I am going to do! I love what I do and am so grateful to be able to do it again!

What are you thankful for this season? I would love to hear your thankful stories!!!

Many Blessings,


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