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Construction complete!

We are back in business after an exciting kitchen demo!

"Snowmagedon" hit Texas hard, but didn't keep us down for long. A pesky little pipe in the pantry was over the freeze and decided it was time to blow... Poor guy couldn't handle the cold any longer... Can we blame him? He must have thought that sharing some warm water, you know warmer than the snow outside, with the rest of the downstairs of the house was a kind and loving gesture. The rest of the house was "dog paddling" in protest... including Mr. Roomba... poor old guy came floating down the hall! BUT... he is tougher than nails!!! That guy still gets up at 5am each day to clean the floors around here! What a trooper!

Six weeks after they knocked out the cabinets and ripped up the tile, we came home to an amazing kitchen and whole new workplace for me! All that's missing is a fun "COOKIES" sign somewhere!

A huge "THANK YOU" to Maggie Rivera (R&M Granite) and John Conroy (Floor Coverings International Plano our contractors and their crews!! Plus the awesome granite we got from Sean Cramer at The Stone Collection.

These men and women were amazing to work with and so blasted talented! Cookies are coming your way guys!!!

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Phoenix Countertops
Phoenix Countertops
Sep 06, 2023

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