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Cookie Snatcher!!!

See this kid??? Adorable right? Great smile! Best giggle ever! Best hugger ever!!! And..... can we talk about his hair for a minute..... perfect beach hair... surfer hair...!!!

We are definitely in the wrong state for that....!!! Of course I am biased when it comes to this bundle of joy! However..... there is one thing that he does that just gets my wand in a knot!!!!

Meet Luke, my little cookie "Snatcher"

This kid can snatch a cookie so fast.... it's like watching a real live ninja sneak around.... before you know it, a cookie is missing here, a bag of icing half gone there.... maybe a chunk of dough no longer sitting on the pastry mat... How does he do it? I am pretty sure he doesn't have an invisibility cloak! But maybe I am wrong.....

When he comes walking into the kitchen from my office, where I of course keep my dehydrators, and his lips are dark blue... you just know.... just know that he snatched the Hogwarts Castle cookie I just finished filming for the last blog post!!!

Ok people.... snatching a cookie is one thing... snatching a Hogwarts cookie is quite another!!!!! Especially when mama is out of her happy pills!!! Needless to say, Luke was stunned when I got a bit "stern" with him (ok I may have snapped just a bit, as in my head may have started spinning in circles). Then, instead of having a break down himself, he simply looked at me with this big "navy blue lip" smile.... (you know from all the navy blue icing on the cookie he just swiped..????)

I'd like to say the smile worked right away, but let's be real.... the smile didn't work...

I was not a happy little Gryffindor at the moment.... Dumbledore help me!!!! (I was even too frustrated to take a picture as proof of his antics)

Listen kid..... ughhhh I just can't right now! I need to go curl up with my Harry Potter blanket and watch "The Goblet of Fire" now!! Smile at me after Harry defeats the "Horned Tail" in the first task!! By then I will be calmed down enough to realize I can make another castle cookie (after the movie) and that truly your smiles make me melt!!!!

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