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New Year New Life!!!!

While January 1st of every year marks a new starting point, this past January literally brought our family a new little one! My oldest son and daughter in love welcomed their little one! This grandma and grandpa are over the moon excited and smitten with our newest little bundle! I am tickled that I was able to be part of such an amazing experience with my kids. Despite all the Covid restrictions, the hospital was amazingly welcoming of me as an extra guest! This made my heart so so happy, as it could have looked a whole lot different.

How does one say "Thank you" to an amazing medical staff?

Well in my world.... cookies of course!!!

They most definitely were "OUT OF THIS WORLD"!!!

I just love this cookie set! I am on a bit of a "space" theme kick lately! I will be posting later the Valentines Day goodies I am making for Lukes classmates!~.

Stay tuned!!!

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